Nursery Reveal – Baby Girl’s Room

Friends, I am so excited to finally share with you what Hannah’s nursery looks like, especially now that she’s here! We’ve had the “theme” and most of the big stuff picked out and ordered for forever, but it took some time just to execute and get everything all set. It’s been hard to keep it a secret because as stuff has arrived, I’ve wanted to share photos on my Instagram, but I’ve held off because I’ve always wanted to do a post like this.

This time just felt so different; it felt like I knew what I was doing this time. I also felt like I had a clearer vision of how I wanted things to be, even if the vision started out “all pink everything” once we found out we were having a girl. I’m just that extra. Also, please don’t come for me because I leaned heavily into gendering my baby – it’s my baby, I can do what I want. When you have a baby, you don’t have to do what I did.

When we did Sam’s room, we basically picked a theme based on the bed-in-a-bag nursery crib sets. After that, it was finding a furniture set and some accents to make the space cutesy and fit for our firstborn. This time, we started there again but quickly decided we either couldn’t find one that was exactly what we were looking for or we couldn’t decide on one that both of us liked. My husband Jeff was more into characters or animals of some kind while I was very into floral. We finally met in the middle and both agreed on Classic Pooh, which gives me a bunch of nostalgic feels and he just thought it was sweet.

We also had to find a way to have the room feel very feminine, because, like I said before, I really wanted all pink everything, so I knew a bed-in-a-bag just wasn’t going to work for us this time. All of the sets I found online were pretty neutral and just didn’t really fit with my vision. I also had my heart set on white furniture for her, so that was really the first thing we purchased. After that, we picked some neutral Pooh themed crib sheets and changing pad sheets. Once we had our color palette set, it was all about the accents and accessories.

At the very bottom of this post, I’ll share a list of links for the items in the room if you’re curious.

I went to get paint swatches from Lowes and Home Depot and I literally picked every shade of “light pink” each store had. We picked three of the swatches we liked the best and got samples to put on the wall to see how they looked and made our decision from there. I wanted something “cotton candy-like” that was going to be obviously pink but not over-powering; I also wanted something light but that would have enough contrast against the white trim in her room that it would still pop. We waited to put anything together or put anything in the room until it was painted. Once the paint had dried and set, that’s when I finally got to set my husband to work on assembling furniture and moving all of my online-shopping boxes into the room.

Actually, before we even picked our paint color and the room was even painted, I was making lists on lists on lists and doing research. I assembled a list in Excel, because that’s my business, of ideas and items and included the price, the quantity, and the link to the item. Not everyone has to be as crazy as me, but this helped me really prioritize my vision. As we purchased items, I got to mark things done and really decide if we needed or even wanted everything I’d listed out. This allowed me to make thoughtful purchases and it was a good way to include my husband in the process as he was able to see the ideas of what I was thinking about and he could choose from items I’d flagged as things I liked.

The last things that we did were the polka dot wall decals and hanging the prints. I ordered Pooh themed prints off Etsy. The print of the Hundred Acre Wood map was purchased as a digital download and then I had it printed on canvas via Costco because that was honestly the most cost-effective choice. I got the frames for the other three prints from Michael’s. The wall decals were something I saw in one of our inspiration photos from Pinterest. I tried putting them up with tape first to figure out spacing and to ensure we actually liked them, but my husband wasn’t totally sold. We tried ordering the white/gray version also but were not big fans, so we stuck with the darker pink. I think they just add one more cute, playful accent to the room.

I tried to make the space as functional as possible. With our son, we honestly didn’t (and still don’t) spend a lot of time in his room because we’ve worked hard to associate the space with nap time and bedtime so that his sleep comes easy. The chair was moved from our son’s room because it’s very comfortable and perfect for the late night feedings and baby-snuggle sessions. Before Hannah arrived, I would often find myself going into her room and just sitting in there, imagining what it would be like to have two little ones. The room has such good light and it feels so nice to be in there.

Long before Hannah was born, her clothes are all washed and put away. My husband and I joked when I took these photos that this was the cleanest her room will be because it’s all downhill on the Hot Mess Express after this!

Room Details

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