Get Ready With Me – An Everyday Makeup Look

Alas, I am now one of those ladies. You know, the kind that gets on the internet and puts on makeup for other to people to watch? I feel like I’m finally part of the “in-crowd” now. I may only have one “look” but it counts, as far as I’m concerned.

These wild times of quarantine have had me venturing outside of my regular set of activities. For instance, one night after the baby was asleep but before I took my regular bedtime shower, as is my normal routine because I am secretly an old lady, I thought to myself, You could put makeup on and film it, maybe someone would watch it considering you waste a lot of time watching ladies put makeup on their face on the internet.

Alas, now I am one of those ladies.

I have written about my “everyday makeup look” before on this blog and how being a mom has greatly reduced the amount of time and attention I spend on my appearance. As mentioned in the video (shared below), quarantine has taken this to a whole new level – I maybe “get ready” once a week at this point. If I’m not leaving my house, I hardly see the point in taking even the 5-10 minutes to put a little something on my face these days.

There is something to be said, though, about taking that time to “get ready” or “out a little something” on my face for my own mental health and how I think about myself. I mention this in the video, but it was one of the major discoveries I made in my treatment program for postpartum depression & anxiety was that it really is important to spend that time on myself and to get myself “ready” each day. In a previous post, I shared this about myself, and it’s still very true to this day:

One of my big takeaways when I was in therapy for my postpartum depression and anxiety was about self-care. Self-care is one of those terms that gets thrown around a lot; it gets painted as this pretty picture and one of those cliché hashtags about mental health, talking of spa days and drinking wine and #girlsnightout… or something? But when I say self-care, at least in this instance, I mean it in the most basic sense of it, actually caring for myself, such as showering. That’s how bad it was, you guys, I wasn’t even showering. (Ok, just to set a baseline, it’s not like I wasn’t showering at all. I’m just talking about how I am one of those shower-every-day types of people and I was going 2-3 days before I would finally do it, and it was likely at someone else’s prompting. That’s not normal.) That’s like a basic necessity of life, and it should have been a cue back then, but somehow, I missed it. Once I felt like I had come back to myself, I looked back on that broken woman, and made promise myself (and we don’t break promises to ourselves, do we?) that I wouldn’t let that happen again, that I was going to take care of me, because I deserve it. I deserve to take care of myself, and in doing that, it makes me feel better about me. If I feel good about me, I’m in a better space to be there for those around me, those I love.

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So, all of this is to say, this activity can be seen as frivolous, but it was also really fun. Turns out that I’m a chatty little chatterbox and even alone in my bathroom with no one but me, myself & I (and the camera on my phone), I can make a conversation out of nothing. So, maybe that’s concerning. Or not. I’m not sure yet.

Check out this Get Ready With Me video and let me know what you think! Did you like this? Should I do more of this type of thing? Did you learn anything new about how to do makeup? Are there any other “looks” or things you want to see me try to do on camera (like an idiot)? Drop a note for me in the comments!

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  • Ally Things Beauty (I referenced her makeup “channel” so many times I might as well link to her too!)

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